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Lv.102 (143) ボルカニックアッシュ(Volcanic Ash)
Lv.109 (109) ラーヴァスライド(Lava Slide)
Lv.116 (116) グラニティックアーマー(Granitic Armor)
Lv.122 (102) マグマフロー(Magma Flow)
Lv.131 (122) パイロクラスティック(Pyroclastic)


Dieter (Scope: PvM, PvP, WoE and MVP)
・Fastest to level due to a good AoE homunculus skills and you get it early (level 109), and the fire element is good in most places. Later on, Magma Flow provides good damage for manual attended leveling
・Pyroclastic is the best Homunculus damage buff skill to the owner, and Granitic Armor can be useful in certain situations
・Volcanic Ash is a good debuff homunculus skill to enemies as well
・Regardless of your base homunculus, most of their stats will be capped sooner or later and removes their stats cons (example: Amistr has poor INT)
・Many useful skills and is probably the most popular Homunculus S
・Need to be max level (150) to maximize Pyroclastic
・Pyroclastic can backfire if you are targeting fire element monsters or any monster that has fire resistance. Also if you equip the wrong weapon, you can't switch weapon until it expires. This buff also can't be removed once it's cast and can't be dispelled.
・Pyroclastic will break your weapon on death regardless of whether or not you're under Full Chemical Protection, unless using an axe/mace type weapon
・Very bad ASPD after mutation, making leveling painful until Lava Slide is unlocked. Can be alleviated slightly if pre-S homunculus was a Vanilmirth / Filir.

The most popular of the Homunculi S. Dieter provides his owner with a significant damage boost (which has the downside of possibly breaking weapons) as well as area damage against mobs. Dieter is very tanky, which combined with his awesome area ability, makes him possibly the best Homunculus S to AFK with. Dieter excels at PvM and MVP, which is why he is a big favorite amongst the Geneticists. He was once strong suited for WoE, although not so much PvP, but recently received a nerf that now makes him no longer the ideal choice.
Best if bred from Vanilmirth or Amistr.

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